innocence of our odium (coolestchicka) wrote,
innocence of our odium


So I am taking another trip.
I leave Saturday for California. Is it strange I already don't want to come back?


Well I will be staying with a friend of mine whom I have a bit of a crush on. Purely one of the nicest people I've known in some time. I'd compare him to as nice as my friend in NJ whom let me stay there on my last foray into the world.

I will hopefully be going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, wherever the redwoods are, and definitely to the beach to see the ocean!
Perhaps a few other things but I don't like to overcrowd my time and have to run on an itinerary the whole time.

I will also, hopefully, be taking an overabundance of photos of this trip this time lol. I failed miserably at that in NY, I was too busy enjoying everything to worry about photos. Its kind of meh, just take them to show other people. I don't normally revisit pictures because I remember it all clearly. Alas I had about 8 people request I take a million or so photos for them to gawk at so I will do my best.
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