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Great care has been taken

innocence of our odium
25 January 1987
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So What
I Am Never Going To Die

-you're a long time dead-

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Date Created:2002-12-20
Number of Posts: 525

Annaness is next to godliness. She used to work at Meijer but then she was fired for no apparent reason. This one time she wore camo pants to Slayer and made fun of everyone at the concert, and it was metal. She used to go to Hemlock, but we forgive her.
Strengths: Somehow able to put up with alcoholics; likes Skinny Puppy whilst hardly anyone else seems to know who they are
Weaknesses: Occasionally suffers from human emotion; not as good with technology as her brother
Special Skills: Ability to write brief, rare, and highly cryptic LJ entries
Known Alliances: Member of the now-defunct Old Guard of Hemlock Cool People, who were known for their terrorizing of both bonfires and the Fly Film Festival; their reign ended when half of them went away to college and many of the other half became fags.

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