innocence of our odium (coolestchicka) wrote,
innocence of our odium


I don't like having this feeling. I feel as though my soul is searching but so is my body and my mind. They all search for different but similar things and its like I am fighting with myself. Pulling myself in one direction then heading in another. I feel a spiritual need to become more aware. I feel this longing to be with another soul. At the same time it feels like being with another person physically will cloud my mind and blind me to my spiritual growth i so desperately need right now. Should i pursue the arts? Pursue a partner? Just ignore these feelings for now and go on with what i am doing?

Sometimes it feels like I need to make a decision right now. And when I put it off I miss out on things I needed to experience. It is so hard to pull myself away from the distractions in life and to focus on these important things.

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