innocence of our odium (coolestchicka) wrote,
innocence of our odium


I've been dating a guy for one month now. He is a peach. I think that I am happier than I was alone though its hard to really tell when it all seems so long ago. Not saying that in a bad way as I was the happiest I had been in years this past 8 months or so. I do know that he keeps me very happy and is an amazing sweetheart. Its rare to find someone I don't want to strangle 70% of the day or more, let alone someone that I genuinely enjoy being around.

I went to a concert a few weeks back and lost my motorola droid. It was quite a bummer buying a new one but I have a phone again and I'm happy. I also managed to get a terrible bruise on my knee from falling in the mosh pot. Oh and a bloody mouth since both my upper and lower lip got cut.
On the upside some guys had bought my friend and I about 6 drinks each on top of the 3 or 4 we bought for ourselves, so I didn't even notice I was beat to hell.
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