innocence of our odium (coolestchicka) wrote,
innocence of our odium

so something

I never talk about it.

Its been on my mind since it happened.
This girl.

I miss her. Every little thing about her, every memory i carry flashes over and over.

This echo resounding around every action I make, every feeling I feel. It swells up inside of me and washes over me.

This was my best friend.

This was my childhood.

My heart aches and aches and I can see her there. I dream about her.
Life continues on without her radiance and I miss it here. I still feel her warmth sometimes.

And I look around and wonder how everyone can seem to forget about all the people we lose. And I can't understand how it can be. How this is life and we are bound to find people we love and people we care about and they ALWAYS always disappear. Without fail they will leave and you will be left alone. You reach out and you grasp. I feel the touch, the warmth, the love, everything wonderful and beautiful about knowing another person and sharing your life with them.

And then they are gone. And you are broken and alone and always always hurting.
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